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Who am I?

I was a professional tennis player and a software engineer, but now I am a filmmaker studying at Emory University. I won several awards with my film, but the only motivation for me to keep creating beautiful and meaningful thing is to positively influence others with my work.

La Habana, Cuba

Despite the city is mostly covered by heavy dust, through my view finder, I recognized a few colors that really popped. The color of the 90s Cuban cars and the color of some historical buildings, Old Havana city inspired me to create the LUT for my photography.

上海, China

During my visit to the modern Shanghai 魔都上海, I captured some of the most interesting photos I have ever taken. From the old alley of 浦東 to the department store in 浦西, the old people of the ancient city remain their lifestyle with swag.

ເມືອງຫລວງ, Laos

My favorite tennis coach of all-time, Tom, invited my parents and me to his country, Laos, to celebrate Christmas with his family. I have never imagined how it would be like to live in Laos until I went to Luang Prabang. "The air smells different here" - Tom. Everything seems to slow down and quiet down in this amazing city. This is the place that no pictures nor words could fully describe...

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